Jennifer Lassiter, Music Director

Roger Hege, Youth Director

Joy Community Fellowship follows a blended worship style, with  contemporary music & technology, mixed with time-honored music and ordinances. Our goal is to provide a worship service that brings both new believers, growing Christians, & visitors into a time of true worship of God. God seeks to have a relationship with you! We invite you to visit with us at any of our weekly services, as we gather together & grow stronger.

We are family & community oriented group of ordinary, real people, working to share God's love with the world through weekly worship services, community work, and fun events. All screaming babies are welcome. We are also part of the Southern Baptist Convention, supporting missionaries reaching out across North America and the World.

We are led weekly by Pastor Bob Ferguson.

who we are

Press Release, October 27, 2017

First Baptist Church of Archdale (FBCA) is excited to announce the next phase of their journey following their recent move and merger with Southside Baptist Church of 2515 Bellemeade Street in South High Point: an official name change. Since moving to share facilities with Southside Baptist in March 2013 and the official merging of the two entities in 2016, FBCA is excited to announce an official name change to Joy Community Fellowship.

 “As part of the Southern Baptist Convention, we look forward to continuing to serve the Archdale-Trinity community and beyond,” said Pastor Robert ‘Bob’ Ferguson of FBCA now Joy Community Fellowship, “with a new name inspired by the joy the Lord offers to everyone and our desire to serve the Lord in community fellowship.”

Taylor Humphries, Assoc. Pastor

Vici Hill, Pianist

Donna Russell, Secretary

Bob Ferguson, Pastor

our staff

What we believe

our worship style

We believe that the Bible is God's words sent to men through divine inspiration.

We believe that there is one and only one living and true God.

We believe that Jesus Christ was his son, God in human form, who came down to Earth to save us.

We believe that Jesus obtained salvation for us all through his own sacrifice of life; and that salvation is offered freely to all who accept Jesus as their personal savior. 

We believe that God loves everyone. EVERY ONE.